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Foundations Revealed Competition 2018

“Pauropsalta Australis”
Leather and stingray skin corset and neckcorset


I have watched the competition from a “safe” distance, and this year the theme called to me. I love leather so much: malleable, headstrong, passive aggressive even! I have never tried anything like this and have never sewn an outfit in leather before. This is only my fourth corset,¬†and the bug has bitten!

The learnings I have had along the way has made this enormous endeavour so worth while — the downside was that the timetable I had created revolved around cloth, and it took just so much longer than I anticipated.

I made this up as I went along … Please, if you have any suggestions or tips, I am open to EVERYTHING…

Apologies for using my work webpage: I so hopelessly ran out of time.

I hope you enjoy this pictorial journey for my FR 2018 project — I had a BLAST!