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About ePrintDesign

My name is Kylie Maxwell and I work under the name ePrintDesign. I have over 25 years extensive design experience, specialising in web design, classic print design, book design and project management, and print production.

In recent years I have added web design and Word Press management to my long list of skills, and my history in the graphic arts industry has provided an amazing foundation for this modern method of communication.

I am passionate about graphic design and thoroughly enjoy what I do. Understanding a client, tapping into their emotional needs and satisfying practical requirements is both creative and rewarding and I look forward to working with you!

Feel free to contact me if you require a detailed resume.

Skill sets

Web Design


Word Press Management


Book Design – cover design, typesetting and production


Classic Print Design – corporate branding, stationery, advertising


Project management and print production


Adobe Creative Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign


Key Achievements

2015 – Amazon chooses the best-seller ‘Augmented’ as its Black Friday promotional advertisement cover

2008 – ‘John Paul II – Legacy and Witness’ presented to Pope John Paul II

1998 – ‘Kula – Myth Magic in the Trobriand Islands’ presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Bill Skate, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea